Good list that provides a lot of food for thought. I'm in a fair amount of these myself, most recently taking a position in BL. I forget when it launched it's IPO, so it may not have been public at the point of this post, but surprised not to see NCNO on here.

Do you plan to post this monthly with newcomers, leavers and revised Earnings Dates? Als, is this manually put together or scraped from sources (I ask because the 200 Day Chart field is a good addition and something I'd like to know how to pull in myself)?

Finally a couple you might want to look into for future ideas (I'll presume you're already all over these but just in case...): RKT, VSTA, BEKE, PACB, LMND/DCT, OSTK, W, FVRR, EBON, API, VRM, SDGR, CYRX* and a number of SPACs, which I presume you don't touch in the absence of fully formed data, eg. GMHI, SAQN, JFK.

*Caveat: these suggestions are a mix of assets I have either done some DD on or are in my queue for DD.

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Thanks Joey ; due to lack of time juggling my full time job with part time investing, I have not had time to post this regularly but hopefully I can do this on a more regular basis going forwards - you are correct some of these are relatively new IPOs and offerings and hence didnot make the list above but I really like API and VRM and already hold starter positions in both.

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